San Marcos, Texas is home to Adriana "Gigi" Mederos & Stevie Black – artists, designers, and makers – working at Rio Claro Studio
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Rio Claro Studio

Ring Dishes—Small

$ 25.00

Ring dishes made by Adriana Mederos for Guatopo Design—to catch all your pretty things before they fall.

Designed, cut, and painted by the artist, they're individually shaped and then have patterns and colors laid in where one side speaks to the other.

Made in three sizes, these ring dishes are lovingly cut and shaped by the artist. Once dry, she designs and paints beautiful patterns in gorgeous folkloric colorways. When they're finished, they're ready to receive your treasures.

Made with Italian air-dry clay (DAS) and are hand-painted with watercolor, ink and acrylic and sealed for water resistance.

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