San Marcos, Texas is home to Adriana "Gigi" Mederos & Stevie Black – artists, designers, and makers – working at Rio Claro Studio
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Upcycled And Sustainable – The Art Of Christine Terrell

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Upcycled And Sustainable – The Art Of Christine Terrell

San Marcos artist, Christine Terrell – the first local artist we've represented at Rio Claro Studio – was in fact one of the first people we met at our Grand Opening back in September of this year. Christine makes jewelry and other objects out of locally-sourced vintage tin objects; making smart, wonderfully-crafted, often graphically-punchy and wildly-colorful pieces. And if you don't know her work, we feel very strongly that you should.  Terrell's work hits all the right notes; her design and manufacturing leans toward the functional/ minimal aesthetic, but not spare. Her work has many sources; 60s lunchboxes, European chocolate tins, upscale cookie...

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