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Bluebonnets – A Seasonal Treat for Rio Claro Studio!

Yes, for those who live 'round here in Texas, these are the obligatory bluebonnet photos everyone takes—but this year is a bumper crop. Lots of later winter rains plus now sun around the solstice with just the right amount of heat – bingo – wildflower paradise. 

Now we also note that local hero, Aaron Brown, mowed the lawn about eight weeks ago (I know, right, little snowbirds? - mowing the lawn in January!) and chopped all the pre-bluebonnets down. But now we see a whole second set of blooms coming up like baby strawberries—it's a beautiful thing.

rio claro studio bluebonnet wildflower side yard

So enjoy—check back here for your first look at scarves and watercolors coming from the studio using the bluebonnets as a jumping off point!

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