Inspiration From Unlikely Places in San Marcos TX

Inspiration From Unlikely Places in San Marcos TX

Often inspiration comes when you are actively seeking it, not in a vacuum. So when I saw the dirty white Jeep Wrangler on my way home from the store yesterday morning, I stopped to appreciate the magnificent all-over coating on the jeep's paint job. It wasn't until I worked my way around the other side that the photograph appeared.

In the end, it is a photograph of Hopkins Street in West Downtown San Marcos TX; blurry against the contrasty skies overhead on which the splatters of mud streak white against the darkened glass. Having photographed the view across the street before, it was nice to capture an image the has a real sense of place and doesn't appear to "be the same thing."

As with many of my photographs, it feels to me more like a drawing or an aquatint than a straight photograph, which it is. Tell me what you think.

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