Upcycled And Sustainable – The Art Of Christine Terrell

Upcycled And Sustainable – The Art Of Christine Terrell

limited edition small batch jewelry at Rio Claro Studio SMTX

San Marcos artist, Christine Terrell – the first local artist we've represented at Rio Claro Studio – was in fact one of the first people we met at our Grand Opening back in September of this year. Christine makes jewelry and other objects out of locally-sourced vintage tin objects; making smart, wonderfully-crafted, often graphically-punchy and wildly-colorful pieces. And if you don't know her work, we feel very strongly that you should. 

handmade jewelry by Christine Terrell at Rio Claro Studio

Terrell's work hits all the right notes; her design and manufacturing leans toward the functional/ minimal aesthetic, but not spare. Her work has many sources; 60s lunchboxes, European chocolate tins, upscale cookie and tea tins and the oddball one-off decorative items. Christine's eye for design is what pulls it all together; each flat surface, a tiny artful jewel of a painting in and of itself, sometimes combining into a string of little billboards. Some pieces can feel like Art Deco-style while others feel strongly of Mid-Century or Atomic-style. And it's affordable even for the entry-level collector.

truly unique gifts at the newest boutique in San Marcos TX

Saturday, December 19th between 3-5pm at Rio Claro Studio we will be hosting this new-found friend as she demonstrates some of her techniques and builds jewelry while we watch. A few lucky patrons who arrive early with their cherished tins will get to see the artist make them a piece of jewelry from start-to-finish. The demonstration is open to the public and is free. Light refreshments will be served. 

For more about the event this weekend, go to this link:  Christine Terrell At Rio Claro Studio

For more about Christine Terrell, go to this link:  Christine Terrell / AdaptiveReuser

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